4 Arguments for Universal Legalisation of Online Lotteries

In some countries, there are strict regulations when it comes to online lotteries. In other countries, online lotteries or gambling in general is banned. There are a lot of reasons behind these laws. Some countries believe that gambling is immoral. Others think that online gambling is difficult to regulate. This article discusses the 4 main reasons why governments around the world should consider lifting the ban on gambling.

  1. Revenue source

The government could get a lot of money with regulated online lotteries. There are hundreds upon thousands of people playing each day. This means that tax agencies can collect more money from them. In many countries, gambling is one of the highest sources of revenue, making up 3% of GDP in some instances. It would be a wasted opportunity should the government decide to sit this out.

  1. It doesn’t hurt anyone

Gambling is just gambling. It does not hurt or kill anyone. It is something people can do to have fun. Therefore, the government has no reason to make it illegal. If there are illegally operating sites or those that scam people, then they are easier to catch should gambling be legalised.

  1. It provides opportunity to climb up the economic ladder

Gambling is like a ball game. Anyone can win. Those who are lucky enough to have the chance to hit the jackpot will step up the economic ladder overnight. This is something that will take them out of poverty, and perhaps, out of government welfare. This means less expense for the government. The jackpot prize is also taxable. The government may also get money out of it.

  1. It is easy to control

The proliferation of online scammers is because of black market gambling. Governments banned gambling in general and so those who are willing to register and legally operate also have to go underground. This makes it easier for others to disguise the fact that they are not willing to operate legally and that their main goal is to just scam people. Since many people want to try out online gambling, they might fall straight into the arms of these scammers.

In short, there are more reasons why gambling should be legalised. Governments have to understand that banning the activity does not mean it will stop. They will just hide elsewhere considering how easy it is to hide in the web. In the end, the citizens will suffer more.

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