5 Things you should not do while playing Blackjack in Vegas

Here are 5 things which you should not do in vegas casino


    • Never be worried to inquire about help. If you’re new to play Blackjack, you can ask the dealership for guidance. Ofcourse they will help you to win! The greater won by you, the greater your chances will be to give extras to them.
    • Don’t spend time on only one table. Keep rolling guys. And these can help you to find more time to search lower money tables. This will make it very hard to calculate odds. It’s no coincidence there are very couple of double and single deck tables.
  • Don’t be lazy on handling your chips and coins. Nothing can feel you bad quicker than messing together with your cards or chips whenever you shouldn’t. In most of the Blackjack games you are not allowed to touch any card at all. And on what tables you are allowed to touch cards, please take only card at one time. And please beware that nobody can get a hint that what card you are having. If you once placed your bets, you are not allowed to withdraw or cancel the round.
  • Don’t mess with dealers; let them do their job as they know it better. And if you want to buy chips, just go and give let’s say you want 100 chips then you need to give 10 coins.
  • Don’t break rules. Always put your chips on the table otherwise they will not accept it.
  • Don’t smoke on the table. If you are doing this than the dealer may contact manager and they can throw you out.

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