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Bali’s Beautiful Beach Club: La Laguna

You must have understood that Bali has a lot of gorgeous beaches that are suitable for making a beach club. Nicely La Laguna is a different beach club since it’s designed in classic hippie fashion and trendy in the background picture. Although the Shore in La Laguna isn’t as close as the beaches in other beach clubs, however, There is an extraordinary bridge that’s very beautiful and thus that the icon is La Laguna.

Along with this, this shore club can be a ‘Flower Power’ party. Therefore, all of the corners of La Laguna are decorated with various beautiful flower knick-knacks. However, it’s incredible, the Chair, the lights, the knick-knacks that are decorated with decorations, what makes you taste in the hippie village.

Here is less crowded as the Next beach club which appreciates empathizing, you will be told that outside chairs can only be utilized until 18.30 because everything has been reset and there is an event, so it’s rather crowded. Those who arrived at about 5:00 p.m. can sit outside to take pictures.

Oh yes in La Laguna, there’s a minimum purchase of one person, you have to devote at least IDR 150,000. But there’s no need for a rule since the food price begins from IDR 50,000. The price of the drink is about IDR 30,000. Therefore, it has to be a whole lot too. Concerning preferences and menus of food, in La Laguna, there is nearly no Indonesian food. Indonesia atmosphere as though it’s not suited to consume here.

Tips: Like other best-selling restaurants, we advise that you order through the phone to get a beautiful chair.

Location of La Laguna: JalanKayuPutih Beach, BanjarTegalGundul, Canggu, Brawa, Badung Regency, Bali


Today’s Open · 11 AM-11PM

Telephone: 0812-3638-2272

Please visit Indonesia Travel for more detail information.

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