Bingo roots run deep in local markets

While lottery is known to be declining as millenials no longer find the practice of filling a lottery ticket and waiting for a week to see the draw exciting, bingo is more popular than ever. Not only that the online version gamified the female audience and gave them a social gambling game to play, but the offline versions of the game exist in local markets for decades now and still have a large following, as is the case in Croatia and many other countries.

Croatian Lottery is holding weekly TV Bingo draws that are actually the equivalent of a lottery draw, as the jackpot ranges in millions. There is the 15 of 90 bingo, and the 24 of 75 bingo, as well as the Bingo Plus game where you can win an additional prize. For those who prefer a faster game and can’t wait a week – or need something to do while they wait for the main draw – the Croatian Lottery also offers many versions of online bingo such as Bingo Venezia, Turbo Bingo or Bingo Joker, each with their own jackpot that isn’t life-changing but is more than good enough to make your day.

What makes bingo so popular? Well, it’s a game that looks friendly enough, it doesn’t ever treat you bad, and it’s exciting as you always only need that one number to land your way and you can win big. The expected return on investment is always huge as you buy a single ticket or several tickets in hope of landing millions. Or thousands at least. There’s also a bingo version for every preferred variance, there are even those games in which you win more often but you can never win that big.

Also, bingo has its roots as a social game that gives people – mostly female – a central piece of a fun evening that you spend together with your friends. There are many land-based bingo establishments that are still frequented by players, though online bingo has largely taken over and is offering a similar type of experience, sans cigaratte smoke. All online bingo rooms have chat options and are encouraging women to talk to each other, perhaps meet a friend online while also playing bingo for fun, so it’s the same thing as the traditional bingo room, except in a modern world setting.

Online bingo has slowed down after the boom it caused when it first appeared, but that’s expected, and while the growth numbers aren’t anywhere near as huge as they was, and the player value is low, online bingo is here to stay. Bingo is a game that will never lose its appeal, it’s something that’s deeply rooted in human culture, and there may only be different variations of the game or different mediums the game is played on. But bingo is definitely not going anywhere, ever.


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