Choosing the Best Online Casino Game to Play

The online casino industry is getting more and more popular and it’s a fact you can’t deny. According to Statista, the size of the gambling market will continue to grow and now, in 2017 it is worth 47 billion of dollars. As many new gambling sites open, it becomes harder to choose something for yourself. Many young people try themselves in this and that, losing money as they go.

It’s much easier and money-saving to start playing one machine and master it. Jumping from one machine to another can really harm your budget, especially if you don’t take risks into consideration. If you are not willing to spend plenty of money and don’t like big risks, you have to look low house edge games. If you’re feeling risky, high edge games will suit you better.

Playing Easy Games for Beginners

If you are a complete beginner, you are lucky! As the Gambling Commission stats show, the number of slots machine is growing in the UK and all over the world (there is a 1.8% increase). Slots are the easiest. The next simple games are the roulette and some versions of blackjack. In Baccarat, which is also easy, you will only have 3 betting options and then the game just flows.

Playing Low-Risk

European Roulette is a game where you can enjoy lower (2.70%) house edge than an American version (5.26%). Some versions of blackjack, depending on the rules will also be low-risk. One of the best examples is video poker, where, depending on a game, you can keep the house edge the lowest. The best online casinos in Indonesia allow you play different low-risk games and even have the no-money option, so you can learn first before you feel ready to make the next step.

Games with High Stakes and High Risks

In Casino Hold’em Poker and Caribbean Stud you can win a jackpot, as long as the fortune is good to you and you get a strong hand. You will also enjoy high house edge and big risks with keno, but you need all of your numbers to get drawn. Sic Bo and American Roulette, you can win big. However, the odds will be always against you.

Games That Will Require Skills from a Player

Some games don’t rely on the high house edge, but rather allow the best player win. Those include different versions of poker games, including Let It Ride Poker and Pai Gow Poker. Blackjack can also demand plenty of skill from you. Backgammon is also a skill game. However, remember that not every table or site is the same, so learn the rules first.


As a beginner, you have plenty of opportunities. You can start with the simplest machines that would require you to press a button only. You might also enjoy low-risk games and slowly build up your skills. You can go big too!

Remember that the most popular games like poker or blackjack have plenty of versions, so you can start with the easiest one and then add more rules and learn a harder game. Always check the rules of the house too, as different casino websites will impose their own practices. If you want to learn first, choose the sites that allow you learn to play without real money first.

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