How to gamble on sports like a king

Sports betting is also a form of gambling, but one in which you have certain control over the odds on your bet, so you can choose lower of higher risk, and you can choose bets based on the information you collect. The outcomes aren’t totally random but you can make educated guesses. You will be betting at bookmakers such as 1xBet that offer a really huge range of sports, events, and betting markets, and it’s up to you to choose the ones that will bring you a profit. But there are some rules you need to follow.

Treat it like a marathon

While in theory you could just place a big bet and win a lot of money on a single event and walk away, most people treat sports betting like a long-term game in which they’re trying to make a profit over the course of one season. To play the long game, you need to determine your bet size that you’re comfortable with and that can get you through the month – and eventually the entire season – without causing problems and without you needing to top up your balance.

The common wisdom is to never place a bet larger than 2% of your total bankroll which you dedicated to betting. For example, if your total budget for one season is $1000, then your maximum bet on a single event is $20 and it must not exceed that amount. If you’re betting more than 2%, you’re seriously risking bankruptcy if you enter a losing streak. While it may seem ridiculous to only risk $20 if you got $1000 in your sportsbook account, that’s the only way to go. Break this rule and you’re running right into a trap.

Be informed

The thing that can give you the edge over the bookmaker and the odds they’re offering are information. This can be statistical information as well as news and your personal knowledge about a sport, league or/and teams you’re betting on. There’s no such thing as a sure bet, the only thing you can do is place a bet on an educated guess, having your money on an outcome that’s more likely than what the bookmaker’s odds suggest. If you do that consistently, you should be making a profit in the long run.

Exploit the markets

There’s virtually no chance for someone to make a profit on the most popular markets, as the bookmaker researches these the most. But, for example, the odds compilers spend a much lesser amount of time to come up with odds on player props and similar smaller markets. Likewise, the biggest sports and biggest leagues are focused on most heavily by the odds compilers, while the smaller sports, leagues and betting markets are not researched as much, so you got a chance to bemore informed than the bookmaker. Most professional gamblers have found their small niche in which they can consistently have an edge over the bookmaker.

Handle losses like a boss

If losing a bet tilts you and ruins your strategy by clouding your judgement, then you’re doing something wrong – and you were probably overbetting. Mental discipline is key in sports betting as you need to stay true to your plan. You need to be able to handle losses, and the way to do that is to accept that you will be losing bets. Even the ones you have high hopes for. You have no control over an outcome of a sports event, you can only place bets that make sense – but they won’t be winning ones every time. When you lose a bet, forget about it, and keep doing what you were doing- calmly choose bets that make sense.

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