Understanding the Wagering Requirements in Online Casinos

Have you just claimed a hefty bonus at an online casino only to find that some of it isn’t in your main balance or can’t be withdrawn? Normally if that is the case it means that there is some sort of wagering requirement on the bonus that you will need to meet.

At first the idea of wagering requirements may seem confusing, but it is actually rather simple. Essentially in order to prevent players from claiming bonuses and cashing them out immediately (or after generating a big profit), casinos require that the players wager a certain amount first. Considering these bonuses are intended to encourage players to play it is the casinos way of guaranteeing that they actually do.

The easiest way to understand wagering requirements is as a multiplier. For example if you have a $10 bonus with a 10x wagering requirement, that would mean that you would have to place bets totaling $100 before the bonus and winnings are transferred to your main balance and can be withdrawn. Keep in mind the wagering requirement multiplier can vary quite a bit, and 50x or even 100x is not unfeasible.Image result for Understanding the Wagering Requirements in Online Casinos

While that may be easy enough to understand, what often trips people up is the fact that the full amount of all wagers in many games may not ‘count’ towards the wagering requirement. Typically this is the case for games where large wagers at low risk are the norm, such as in roulette or even poker. As such for these games a weighted value is used instead, so for example for every $1 bet on roulette, $0.20 will go towards the wagering requirement.

In most online casinos nowadays it is possible to see the wagering requirement balance and also find out how much is remaining before a bonus can be properly claimed. If you are betting at an online casino such as Vegas88 – you should check to see what your wagering requirement balance stands at.

All in all that should cover everything you need to know about wagering requirements. While it is useful to know how difficult it is going to be to claim a bonus based on the wagering requirement, it is often best to simply disregard it. After all, you should be having fun playing at isky888 and other casinos – and if so it is likely that sooner or later you’ll hit the requirement anyway.

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